En av mina favorithistorier (på engelska)

En av mina favorithistorier (på engelska)

Denna story ur boken ”How to be an alien” är så underbar – typisk engelsk humor.

How to be a hypocrite

”If you want to be really and truly British, you must become a hypocrite.

As some people say that an example explains things better than the best theory, let me try this way.

I had a drink with an English friend of mine in a pub. We were sitting on the high chairs in front om the counter when a flying bomb exploded about a hundred yards away. I was truly and honestly frightened, and when a few seconds later I looked around, I could not see my friend anywhere.

At last, I noticed that he was lying on the floor, flat as a pancake.

When he realized that nothing particular, had happened in the pub, he got up a little embarrassed, flicked the dust off his suit, and turned to me with a superior and sarcastic smile.

―  Good Heavens! Where you so frightened that you couldn’t move?


Jag hoppas du njuter av den!